July 31, 2012


Commissioner Ruffy Biazon of the Bureau of Customs (BoC) praised the efforts of the Philippine packaging sector for the improvement of the national economy during his keynote speech at GLOBALPACK 2012 International Packaging Conference in Iloilo City.

Citing how the world’s confidence in the Philippines as a regional economic player has grown in recent years, Biazon said, “Growing confidence will lead to an increase in trade, especially for Philippine products.  He went on to say that improved competitiveness on the part of local industries would quicken the pace of product and packaging development.

“Packaging will complete the product,” Biazon said, citing the importance of the packaging industry, particularly with regard to exports.  “Packaging will spell success or failure for the product.  The packaging industry must then look for ways to meet international standards: monitoring the latest trends, seeking out new technologies, and trying out new package designs.”

Given that Philippine experts will soon be competing with the best in the world, thus carving out a niche for locally-produced products, Biazon assured conference participants that the BoC will be supporting industries by streamlining its processes, thus lessening corruption and inconvenience for exporters and importers.

In closing, Biazon lauded the organizers for setting up the event for the improvement of the packaging sector.  “GLOBALPACK is a step in the right direction,” he said.  “I am confident that all of you will have a clearer picture of where to take your venture in the years to come.”

Organized by the Central Philippine University – Philippine Center for Packaging Engineering and Technology (CPU – PC/PET) and Systemat-PackEDGE, GLOBALPACK 2012 is focused on the theme A New Roadmap for Export Packaging and will run from July 26 to 27 at the Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center in Iloilo City.

July 31, 2012

WPO President calls for Industry Unity via Sustainability at GLOBALPACK 2012

 World Packaging Organisation (WPO) President Thomas Schneider declared that sustainability was the global language of the packaging industry at the GLOBALPACK International Packaging Conference and Exhibition in Iloilo City.

During his presentation, Schneider called the attention of delegates to global population growth as a key driver of sustainability in light of growing concerns on such limited resources as petroleum, clean water, and food.  He went on to say that the primary stakeholders for sustainability were people, the business sector, and the government who would have to work together to arrive at a viable framework for related initiatives.

Schneider went on to say that packaging has become a strategic tool for both environmental and economic sustainability initiatives.  He exhorted delegates at the conference towards the holistic development of packages, the responsible use of materials, environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, the creation of easily recoverable packaging, and to search for and use renewable sources of energy in work processes.  The audience was also advised that people, businesses, and governments had to work together as the three primary stakeholders of sustainability to find common ground on which to build a framework for successful execution and consistency 

According to Schneider, developing countries such as the Philippines had the advantage over developed countries with regard to sustainability in packaging and product processing.  This would be due to the way localized sustainability initiatives could be tailored to fit local culture and practice on an industrial level; national eco-sustainability systems with provisions for extended producer responsibility and adherence to life-cycle management standards would also play a key role.

A Certified Packaging Professional and an Honorary Lifetime Member of the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP), Schneider was inducted into the International Packaging Hall of Fame in 2011.

Organized by the Central Philippine University – Philippine Center for Packaging Engineering and Technology (CPU-PC/PET) and Systemat-PackEDGE, GLOBALPACK 2012 focused on the theme A New Roadmap on Expert Packaging and featured various local and international experts on processing and packaging.

July 31, 2012


A free export packaging seminar for micro-, small-, and medium-scale enterprises (MSMEs) formally kicked off the events for the GLOBALPACK 2012 International Packaging Conference and Exhibition in Iloilo City.  The seminar was held at the Rose Memorial Auditorium of the Central Philippine University (CPU).

Dubbed the LBC Libreng Packaging Seminar, the event was geared towards improving the readiness and competitiveness of Filipino MSMEs for both domestic and foreign markets.  The seminar was formally opened by Dr. Lejo C. Brana, Balik-scientist honoree of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and the only Filipino inducted to the International Packaging Hall of Fame, while the seminar framework was laid down by Mr. Lito Bunag, President of Systemat-PackEDGE and co-organizer of GLOBALPACK 2012. 

The seminar featured talks regarding actual packaging and processing scenarios from the organic food sector, furniture exports industry, and muscovado sugar processing.  Representing these sectors were Edgardo Uychiat of the Negros Island Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Foundation (NISARD), Cristina Gaston of Hacienda Crafts, and Agnes Ilda and Marlyn Manuel of Option, a muscovado sugar processing company.  Conference sponsors San Miguel – Yamamura Packaging Corporation (SMYPC) and LBC Solutions were also on hand to give participants and overview of their companies’ services for the business sector.

The main feature of the event was a live packaging exercise featuring a business proposal from Dr. Evelyn Taboada, director of the Bio-process Engineering and Research Center at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City.  The proposal involved the development of integrated processes for the development of high value products from moringa seeds and the corresponding business plan.  The panel of reactors for the seminar exercise was chaired by Joseph Ross Jocson, President of the Packaging Institute of the Philippines.  The panel was made up of Brana; Bunag; World Packaging Organisation (WPO) President Thomas Schneider; Herbert Scheuneman of Westpak Inc.; Eric Joneson of Lansmont Corporation; David Wolf of SONOCO; Robert Logan of A-V Cal LLC; Tom Dunn of Printpack Inc; and Daisy Tanafranca, director of the Packaging Technology Division of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

Concurrently, the GLOBALPACK Exhibition opened at the Boracay Hall of Iloilo’s Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center with Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog and Thomas Schneider, President of the World Packaging Organisation, cutting the ceremonial ribbon.


June 29, 2012


Foreign packaging experts to boost Philippine export competitiveness through GLOBALPACK 2012

Leading personalities from the US$563.95 billion global packaging industry will synergize with the local packaging experts to share the latest developments and innovation in processing and packaging with GlobalPack 2012’s participants.

GlobalPack 2012’s packaging expertise offering is laden with heavyweights starting with the rare altogether presences of three US Packaging Hall of Famers: Mr. Thomas Schneider, President of the 51-member nation World Packaging Organization; Mr. Herbert Scheuneman, President, Westpack Corporation and the only Filipino in the list – Dr. Lejo Brana, DOST Balik-Scientist and Founder of the Central Philippine University (CPU) Packaging Center in Iloilo, a first in the Southeast Asian region with both components of the specialized School of Packaging Engineering (SPE) and the UN standards-compliant, Packaging Testing Laboratory.

This international conference is timely because the focus now of the global economies is on the emerging countries and as Mr. Lito Bunag of conference co-organizer, Systemat-PackEDGE, observed, “the Philippines is one of those now in the forefront, faced with opportunities such as the resurgence of manufacturing in the Philippines – and the economic data and our economists like Mr. Cielito Habito, a GlobalPack 2012 speaker, support this fact.” 

Bunag added that “already, key performance indicators evidence this uptrend with Schneider’s WPO releasing data by Pira Int’l. pointing to Asian packaging consumption ahead at US$ 165B by US$20B over North America’s US$145B as early as 2009.”

Mr. Ruy Moreno, Director for Operations (Private Sector) of the government’s National Competitiveness Council, similarly stated but in the perspective of Philippine competitiveness, that the country’s potential can be further harnessed by Best Practices, in this case, in Packaging wherein the foreign speakers can share their experiences with us regarding this matter.”  Moreno is also a GlobalPack 2012 speaker.

Complementing this potential international force coming to the Philippines to help boost the local packaging industry and  the critical export drive of the country are the local stakeholders, apart from CPU – the conference event partners and some of the major sponsors like the Packaging Institute of the Philippines (PIP), the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation (SMYPC), Systemat-Pack-EDGE, LBC Solutions, Globe Telecom, US-company Lansmont, Philippine Airlines, Philippine Star, Business Mirror and the Iloilo City-based Daily Guardian.

“CPU is encouraged in its mission by the backing of the industry through PIP, SMYPC and Systemat Pack-EDGE, the government through DOST primarily,” said Dr. Lejo Brana, “and the response from the private sector here and abroad is tremendous, among them: LBC Solutions which would be instrumental in its transport and logistics business as well as PAL, Globe for the telecommunication needs of especially the Micro, Small and Medium-scale Enterprises, Lansmont for its well-recognized role in packaging testing equipment and our media partners Star, Business Mirror and Daily Guardian for the all-important dissemination of developmental information.”

June 29, 2012

An International Packaging Conference Whose Time Has Come.

GLOBALPACK 2012 MEDIA BRIEFING HELD  Reporters from various Filipino media groups were treated to an overview of The New Roadmap for Export Packaging which will be discussed at the GLOBALPACK international packaging conference this July.  The panel featured talks from the conference’s principal organizers and some of its major sponsors.  From left to right: Lito Buñag, President of Systemat-PackEDGE; Yoly Crisanto, Head of Corporate Communications at Globe Telecom; international packaging Hall of Famer and Central Philippine University Senior Consultant Dr. Lejo Braña; Joseph Ross Jocson, President of the Packaging Institute of the Philippines; Mark Zarraga, Marketing Secton Head of LBC Solutions; Didi Virata of Philippine Airlines; and Ma. Teresa de Guzman of San Miguel – Yamamura Packaging Corporation.  The media briefing was held at the Shangri-la Hotel in Makati.


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June 28, 2012

GlobalPack 2012  Libreng Packaging Seminar.


June 20, 2012

Three members of the International Packaging Hall of Fame are set to share their expertise with participants at GLOBALPACK 2012.

            Herbert Scheuneman

Leading the speakers at the conference is World Packaging Organisation (WPO) President Thomas Schneider who was recently inducted to the Hall of Fame in 2011.  Dr. Lejo Catedral Brana currently holds the distinction of being the only Filipino inductee and is also an honoree of the Balik Scientist program of the Department of Science and Technology (DoST).  Westpack Inc. President Herbert Scheuneman rounds out the trio; his company currently has the largest package testing laboratory in the world.
The largest international packaging conference/exhibition in the country, GLOBALPACK 2012 is slated for 26 & 27 July in Iloilo.

June 6, 2012

Global Pack 2012 International Packaging Conference and Exhibition

May 30, 2012

GlobalPack to Discuss Hazmat Handling and Transport

In light of growing international concern regarding the handling and disposal of toxic and hazardous materials (hazmat), there have been calls to review the methods by which these materials are packaged and transported for disposal.

GLOBALPACK 2012 will be featuring a talk by Arch. Jake Lazo of the Civil Aviation Association of the Philippines (CAAP) titled Increasing CAAP Regulatory Requirements for Hazardous Materials wherein he will be discussing the various changes that will be undertaken by the aviation sector with regard to hazmat packaging and disposal.

An initiative of the Central Philippine University’s School of Packaging Engineering (CPU-SPE) in partnership with Systemat-PackEDGE, GLOBALPACK 2012 is slated for July 26 and 27, 2012 at the Sarabia Manor Convention Center in Iloilo City.  It is expected to be a major event for the global packaging industry, Philippine manufacturing, and the SME sector.

May 25, 2012

CPU Set to Launch Packaging Testing Lab

As the culminating activity for GLOBALPACK 2012, the Central Philippine University (CPU) is set to launch the CPU Packaging Center for Packaging Engineering Technology (CPU-PC/PET) testing laboratory on July 27, 2012 on the University campus.

Worth over P 11.5 Million, the new packaging safety testing lab is the latest addition to the CPU-PC/PET’s facilities.  The lab’s suite of package safety testing tools was brought in from Houston, TX by Dr. Lejo Brana, founder of CPU’s School of Packaging Engineering as well as its consultant for international relations, resource development, and lifelong learning.  

Designed to test packages from initial product insertion to package stability in transit to anti-contamination measures, it is expected to be fully compliant with such global standards as those of the United Nations (UN) requirements for performance-oriented packaging specifically for dangerous goods, the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA), the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) of the United States, and ISO standards for materials and distribution.   

Slated for 3:00 PM, the launch will include the blessing of the facility followed by a short dedication ceremony and a tour of the laboratory. 


May 15, 2012


GLOBALPACK to Feature Talks on Packaging for Better Food Exports


With processed food exports earning over US$ 1.72 Billion for the national economy in 2011, the Department of Trade and Industry has asked both large-scale and SME-grade food processing companies to step up their game and increase the marketability of their products through improved export packaging. 


In light of this development, packaging for processed foods will be one of the key topics for discussion at GLOBALPACK 2012 from 26 to 27 July 2012 at Iloilo’s Sarabia Manor.  Food packaging experts Drs. Bruce and Janice Harte of Michigan State University will be speaking on preparing local food producers for the export market as well as the expansion of international food trade via developmental processing and packaging systems


Organized by the Central Philippine University – School of Packaging Engineering in partnership with Systemat-PackEDGE, GLOBALPACK will be held through July 26 – 27, 2012 at Iloilo’s Sarabia Manor.  The conference is expected to be a major event for the global packaging industry, Philippine manufacturing, and the SME sector. 


May 7, 2012 


Int'l Packaging Experts Coming to Philippines for Packaging Confab


Some of the world’s best experts in the field of packaging design and technology will be speaking at GLOBALPACK 2012, possibly the largest international trade conference and exhibition of its kind in the Philippines.


Led by World Packaging Organization president and CEO Thomas Schneider, speakers at the conference include Dr. Bruce Harte and Dr. Janice Harte of Michigan State University, Mr. Herbert Scheuneman of Westpak and currently interim Packaging Program Director at San Jose State University in California, Mr. Eric Joneson of Lansmont, and Mr. Robert Logan.


Organized by the Central Philippine University – School of Packaging Engineering in partnership with Systemat-PackEDGE, GLOBALPACK will be held through July 26 – 27, 2012 at Iloilo’s Sarabia Manor.  The conference is expected to be a major event for the global packaging industry, Philippine manufacturing, and the SME sector.


April 18, 2012


Iloilo Packaging Confab to Give Focus to SMEs


The much-anticipated international packaging conference GLOBALPACK 2012 is set to give the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector some much-needed attention and emphasis through talks from various local and international experts, as well as a free seminar-workshop for both current SME owners and would-be entrepreneurs.


Along with international packaging experts led by World Packaging Organization president and CEO Thomas Schneider, speakers at the conference will include representatives from the regional offices of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Bureau of Export Trade Promotion, the Bureau of International Trade Relations, the Department of Science and Technology, Department of Agriculture (DA), Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), Packaging Institute of the Philippines (PIP), and the Central Philippine University – School of Packaging Engineering (CPU).  The seminar-workshop will be conducted in tandem with the San Miguel – Yamamura Packaging Corporation.


To be held through July 26 – 27, 2012 at Iloilo’s Sarabia Manor, GLOBALPACK 2012 is expected to be a major event for the global packaging industry, Philippine manufacturing, and the SME sector.  Its organizers, CPU-SPE and Systemat-PackEdge are expecting record-breaking attendance coming in to learn from the speakers.


GLOBALPACK 2012 and Packaging Renaissance in Iloilo

The center of gravity of the global economy has shifted to that of the emerging markets.  The marked uncertainty in Europe that has been creating somehow, a sense of crisis and the stress that the United States is going through have brought increased foreign direct investments (FDIs) into Asia.

As such, Asian economies are trading with each other more than how it used to rely on European and US markets.  Consumption-led growth and infrastructure development (delayed in some Asian countries) evidence a kind of unleashed potential that is not seen in other parts of the world.


Key Performance Indicator

The rise in packaging usage followed the dynamic consumption-led growth of Asia.  In 2009, Asian packaging consumption, at about $165B, outpaced that of North America, at about $145B, by an estimated $20B (accdg. to Pira Int’l. Ltd. as cited by WPO).  The edge of Asia over North America is close to phenomenal considering that Asian packaging consumption jumped by $50B from an estimated $115B in 2003 to about $165B in 2009.  North America’s increased by $10B.


A Conference Whose Time Has Come

This situation highlights the significant timing and location  or the when and where of GLOBALPACK 2012.  This international packaging conference is happening at a time when the Asian economies are on the upswing from the expected 6.9%  growth this year to 7.3% in 2013.  This conference will be held in the Southeast Asian region where there is a slightly more room for growth from 4.6% to 5.2% (accdg. to ADB).

Opportunities must be identified as market trends are tracked.

As the theme of GLOBALPACK goes – “A New Roadmap forExport Packaging” – businesses must prepare for a more enhanced trade scenario given a continued growth forecast.  A possible rebound for exports to the US and Europe may still be far-fetched but planning must be started.


A Timely Agenda And Content

The GLOBALPACK 2012 agenda highlights important planning milestones in drawing up a new roadmap for export packaging.  The topics are grouped and designed as the conference journeys from first, an assessment of needs, next, the fulfillment of needs and eventually, a follow through that brings packaged goods to the market:


  • At the outset, the agenda establishes the overall message that WPO subscribes to and promotes:  social, financial and environmental sustainability in packaging development;
  • The evolving international standards in global trade and the need for more stringent regulatory compliance are challenges borne of increasingly-complex economic and social structures;
  • From the Philippine experience, a consumption-led growth, the resurgence of manufacturing and the critical role that SMEs have begun to assume as the backbone of the economy have mandated a guided tapping of inherent natural resources, people and technology; this is a situation similar to other Asian countries;
  • Continuous fusion of indigenous craft and materials and home-grown industries with foreign technology and expertise spur advancements in food production and high-growth industries like electronic products for exports;
  • The entry of updated processing and packaging equipment and media make possible the fulfillment of a multiple-demands generation in cross-border markets;
  • A scan of the regulatory environment puts product and packaging under scrutiny and the differences of implementing rules and regulations from country to country are sampled;
  • And finally, a follow-through from studying the required transport packaging as the goods go about the supply chain infrastructure to landing at the top shelves at the supermarkets (in niche markets?).


But Why In Iloilo?

Heretofore, it’s been business as usual in the Philippines.  Except for a couple of controversial issues like the banning of plastic bags which started at the City of Muntinlupa in the greater Manila area.  Except for some annual exhibitions of packaging machinery and fora of other industries like the food industry which peripherally discuss packaging.

But something sparked in Iloilo which could be the beginnings of a renaissance in packaging not only in the Philippines but for the Southeast Asian region – a PACKAGING CENTER FOR PACKAGING ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (CPU-PC PET) was recently established in Iloilo at the Central Philippine University.

The School of Packaging Engineering (SPE), the first in the Philippines, is the nucleus of the center.  But together with the value-added facility of a UN-compliant and comprehensive Packaging Testing Laboratory, PTL, donated by US Packaging Hall of Famer and DOST Balik Scientist Dr. Lejo Brana, this combination makes the center the first of its kind in the region.

The PTL will be launched during the conference. 

Backed by the Philippines’ Department of Science and Technology, the industry’s Packaging Institute of the Philippines and a private sector’s packaging advocate, Systemat-PackEDGE, this synergy is bound to impact on the sustainable development of the field of packaging in the long haul.

Together with Dr. Brana and CPU President Dr. Ted Robles, the CPU packaging center was established through the inspiration and guidance of Dr. Raul Hernandez, the only Filipino President ever of the WORLD PACKAGING ORGANIZATION, a former DOST Undersecretary and the driving force behind the now San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation.

A Steady Evergreen Field

The yield will multiply in several ways through the years.

The SPE will churn out much needed human resources for the packaging and other industries here and abroad.  Most of the first batch of graduates last year were absorbed by the Philippines’ prime corporates.  Ms. Erika M. Ledesma was hired by Top Software in Dallas, Texas just two weeks after graduating cum laude in BS Packaging Engineering at CPU-SPE. Ledesma interned with Top Software as part of the university’s  OJT program.

The PTL will be of great service not only to the country’s industries but also to the markets overseas that Philippine goods are exported to.  It will also chart a new course in the packaging and transport of dangerous goods and hazardous materials.  With the country’s growing number of medical facilities nationwide, a program of how to dispose of hazardous materials must be drawn up, this time, from the packaging specialists’ viewpoint.

Iloilo, as the site of this new packaging center, actually conforms to a government policy enunciated as far back as the Martial Law years when President Ferdinand E. Marcos, through Board of Investments Chairman Vicente T. Paterno, encouraged the dispersal of industries from the congested Metro Manila to the provinces.  The economic benefits accruing from such a policy will redound to the welfare of the people in the provinces.   

The regions surrounding Western Visayas where Iloilo City is situated will significantly gain from what CPU-SPE/PC PET has to offer.  Growth areas such as Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and as far down as Davao and General Santos can access the processing and packaging knowledge and technology that CPU-SPE/PC PET will accumulate through the years.

But Iloilo and its ‘twin’ city, Bacolod, themselves, are spawning industries which can tap the resources of this facility.

GLOBALPACK 2012 Rises From Iloilo

It is in this context of Iloilo as a center for a resurgent interest in packaging and a promising venue for a dynamic exchange of ideas and expertise, technology updates and export data that GLOBALPACK 2012 was conceptualized and planned.  Designed to be a major international packaging conference, leading personalities from the world of packaging, spearheaded by WORLD PACKAGING ORGANIZATION President and CEO Mr. Thomas Schneider, will converge in Iloilo City to speak and participate in the conference.

GLOBALPACK 2012 will be held on July 24-27 at the Sarabia Manor Convention Center in Iloilo City.  The event is a 4-WAY BENEFITS PACKAGE consisting of:

1) An international conference on packaging for export products, July 26 & 27;

2) A FREE one-day SME packaging seminar and workshop, July 25

3) An exhibition that highlights processing and packaging businesses, July 25-27

4) Networking opportunities through the international conference, the SME packaging seminar and workshop, the exhibition and ancillary events such as the Golf Tournament and Fun Run.

Expected attendees and participants would number about 2,000 with 1,500 joining the FREE SME packaging seminar and workshop and about 500 attending the packaging conference.

Delegates and participants would be a cross section of packaging materials and machinery suppliers, packaging professionals, designers and researchers, packaging technology firms, shippers and transport packaging companies, consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers, exporters, food producers, agriculturists, SMEs, software designers and developers, regulators, legislators, business and finance management consultants, educators, students and all other industries that use packaging.


GLOBALPACK 2012 Reaches Out!

The momentum has begun. The CPU – SPE/PTC has started its own roadmap to quality and excellence in packaging engineering and technology.  GLOBALPACK 2012 seeks to provide not only value-added educational content for the conference but also, two facilities –SPE and the PTL – which will fulfill, continuously, the packaging-related needs of generations and which will achieve the WPO goal of “Better Quality of Life Through Better Packaging for More People.”